New: 2015 Spring/Summer Menu


Our new Spring/Summer menu is starting TODAY, and Chef Wes wants you to try some new dishes!

Sometimes LA seasons blend together, but we still like to celebrate the arrival of Spring with some new menu items from Chef Wes. Personally, I’m looking forward to snacking on some fried chicken skin…it’s gotta be the ultimate beer snack right?

  • MINI LAMB MEATBALLS: Ground lamb, bacon fat bread crumbs, feta, kalamata olives, curry marinara
  • CUCUMBER + MANGO SALAD: Ginger, red onion, mint, shallot, sesame seed, lime-shallot vinaigrette
  • CHICKEN SKIN CRACKLINS: Choice of any Beer Belly wing sauce
  • BEEF + BEER POUTINE: Fries, roasted beef gravy, cheddar cheese curds
  • JIDORI CHICKEN WINGS (new sauce!): Sweet & Spicy Mango
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One Night Stand Perks for Members 2015


Alright now that we’re a full month into 2015, I think it’s time to announce what our members received this year for their dedication to the One Night Stand program.

First, I want to start off by thanking all of those who participated this past year. It was our strongest year of the One Night Stand program yet with so many more of you joining us for our monthly events, and even more of you qualifying to join as a ONS member for attending at least ten events throughout the year. Our hope is to continue cultivating our program and using it as a real platform for you to meet rad people and drink great beer.

In the picture above, you’ll see one of the packages … Read More

Craft for Crap: Budweiser Edition (2/7)


Back in 2011 we had an event at Beer Belly called Craft for Crap. It was our way of encouraging craft beer drinkers to reach out to their non craft drinking friends, and bring them out so they can see what craft beer was all about. Like many of you, we had a good laugh during the Super Bowl watching a Budweiser commercial that was filled with hypocrisy and just plain short-sightedness.

The craft beer community is not just a couple of mustached hipsters smelling their beers in a booth isolated from the rest of the world. Our community represents all kinds of people from different walks of life. That is what makes the Beer Belly experience fun and rewarding. That is what makes the craft … Read More

Our One Night Stand Program for 2015


Click here to see this month’s taplist and skip the mumbo jumbo

Believe it or not, we’ve made it to our fourth year of the One Night Stand program, and we think this might be our best lineup yet. The formula is simple…meet rad people, drink great beer.

And to top it off, those of you who make it to 10 out of 12 One Night Stand events get inducted into our exclusive group of ONS members. We’re talking a special gift at the end of the year, and special perks at Beer Belly.This is quite a commitment though, and is not for the feeble. It’s okay though, worst case scenario…you drink beer!

All the details of participation are below, and we will be updating this page throughout the year … Read More

Winter Menu 2014

Kimchi Ragu

Introducing our Winter menu for 2014…including THE RETURN OF THE MAC! The Pizza Mac that is.

Special thanks to the seriously talented Aniruddh Pandit for taking these killer photos. You can reach him by email here.

  • Pizza Mac and Cheese- Mozzarella Pizza Whiz, Pepperoni, Asiago
  • The Skynard- Baked Potato Skin, Beer Onion & Basil Mash, Broccoli, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Sriracha Sour Cream, Chives
  • Spinach & Feta Salad- Grilled Fennel Bulbs, Confit Cherry Tomato, Roasted Pecans, Thyme, Feta Cheese, Blackberry Vinaigrette (Add grilled chicken +$2.5)
  • Kimchi & Meatball Ragu- Beef, Garlic & Asiago Meatballs, Kimchi. Tomato, Basil, Poached Egg, Crostini
  • Mini Garlic Bread & Spinach Dip- Mini Breadsticks, Housemade Garlic & Red Pepper Butter, Housemade Spinach Dip
  • Hot Giant Snickerdoodle- Baked Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip … Read More

Now Hiring: Manager, Craft Beer

Beer Belly

It’s true we’re hiring for a new craft beer manager! All interested applicants please read the description below, and email resumes to drink AT

Position: Manager, Craft Beer

Company: Beer Belly

Location: CA – Los Angeles


Beer Belly, a craft beer bar in the heart of Koreatown, is looking for a passionate and motivated Craft Beer Manager to take the helm of the beverage program (craft beer, wine, and craft sodas) and help manage the front-of-house operations to lead our energetic staff.

We take great pride in bringing the best local craft beer to our community of customers, and we need a Manager that can make sure we continue to deliver on that experience.

The Craft Beer Manager is a customer-facing role and will be responsible for being … Read More

It’s Time for LA Beer Week at Beer Belly


LA Beer Week is BACK! You can look forward to all kinds of beer events throughout Los Angeles, and we are no exception!


Brunch is back at Beer Belly and we’re thrilled to welcome Modern Times for a special LABW brunch. Get ready for bomb beers, and even a cold brew coffee on tap!


  • Cold brew coffee (Kenyan Single Origin)
  • Universal Friend (Saison w/ Pinot Grigio Must)
  • New Harmony (Belgian pale dry hopped w/ Mosaic)
  • Lake of Dreams (Belgian Golden Strong)
  • Monsters’ Park (Imperial Stout w/ coffee on cask)
  • Lomaland
  • Fortunate Islands
  • Blazing World
  • Black House (on nitro)
  • Phalanx IPA


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The Return of the Brunch


We’re bringing back weekend brunch in time for football season!

That’s right, starting August 30th, we will have brunch from 12pm-3pm every Saturday and Sunday.

Not only is brunch back, but Chef Wes is keeping things fresh by changing up the menu for 2014.

Check it out:

Beer Belly Brunch 2014

Reese’s Pieces Pancake – Banana stuffed pancake with Reese’s Pieces & Butterfinger syrup

BB Pancake

Baked Eggs & Red Pepper Cream Cheese Polenta –  Red pepper cream cheese polenta, onion, corn, baked eggs

Maple Glazed Pork Belly Chips –Salted then glazed with maple syrup and topped with cinnamon sugar

Rosemary Biscuits – House made and served with Maple Bacon Fat Butter

Fried Chicken ‘IN’ Waffle

Bacon Fat Fries & Fried Egg

The BB Breakfast – 2 Eggs, Sausage or Bacon, & Toast

Duck … Read More

Introducing our Summer Menu

Kimchi Meatloaf

Change….sometimes we fear it, sometimes we embrace it. Some new additions to the Beer Belly menu are here just in time for Summer.

  • I Would Do Anything for Kimchi Meatloaf- Kimchi meatloaf, with porcini roasted onions, sesame leaf, KBBQ sauce, tempura fried green & red onion
  • Grilled Pork Loin- Roasted pork, hard cider & fennel gravy, triple fresh herb & garlic fries
  • Fig You Salad- Fresh figs, frisee, radicchio, Oregon Smokey Blue, pecan, fresh mint, black cherry cream soda vinaigrette
  • Summer Sucka Tash- Lima beans, corn, garlic, cilantro, red chili, pickled shallots, smoked bacon paprika aioli
  • That Mac Cray- Gumbo cheddar beer whiz, swiss, crawfish tails, celery, bay bread crumbs
  • Caesar’s Horse…RadishRomaine lettuce, horseradish caesar dressing, red radish, garlic croutons, asiago cheese (add grilled chicken optional)
  • Crab Dip … Read More

Beer Belly’s 3rd Anniversary


Join us on Sunday, May 18th for our 3rd Anniversary Party!

It’s been a brisk three years filled with excitement, uncertainty, and beer; we would love it if you could come commemorate the occasion with us. 

We will be releasing some amazing beers starting on Friday, May 16 leading up to the big party on the 18th when we will also share with you a special cask ale that we had the opportunity to brew with our friends from Noble Ale Works.

We’ve also invited Mexicali and Churro Borough to join us on Sunday from 12pm-4pm. If you have not had the pleasure of trying their food, we strongly suggest you come check them out!

Lastly, we will be hosting a Beer Belly Volcano Chipotle … Read More